e offer programs for moms and babies, kids, adults, and people with special needs, all under one roof. Our programs offer suitable options for all ages and are safety supervised by qualified personnel. They are designed to fit each swimmers need. 

We offer effective survival techniques and foster swimming as a sport, along with lifetime fitness, in a clean, friendly, fun, and safe environment.

“Get Swimming.” We have a program that fits you and the whole family.



Get your own swimming coach! Get the intimate exchange and attention that only a one-on-one session can provide. Train with the same instructor in sessions of 30 minutes.
This program focuses on water safety and basic swimming skills and it is designed for ages 8 months to adults that do not know how to swim. All participants go through an evaluation for placement with a compatible instructor.
Want to get swimming? Count on your coach!

Acqua Bubbles

Teach your child to swim with this four weeks- twelve sessions program that allows parents, and their babies, to get hands on swimming training in a fun family environment.
Young children learn basic techniques, like holding on to the wall on their own, kicking their feet, and submerging. Parents learn all the principle exercises and safety measures to practice with their children at their own pool.
Live with the peace of knowing your baby can swim. Enroll together in AcquaBubbles.

Acqua Health & Fit

Getting fit has never been so much fun. This is a program designed for people who enjoy a little entertainment with their working out. If you love
activities like Wateraerobics, Acqua Zumba, and Acqua Pilates; this is the swimming program for you.
Classes are available over a limited time from the day you start. Get all the benefits of swimming, and have a blast doing it! Enroll into Acqua Health & fit! and Get swimming! More variety of programs and new activities will be offer over time.

Acqua Advanced One

Take the next step after you learned basic skills in the AcquaPremium program. Join AcquaAdvanced One! Train for 30 minutes, twice a week, and sharpen your swimming skills.
In this first level, we concentrate on the foundation of swimming. Learn proper swimming technique for Freestyle and Back- stroke, treading water and introduces distance swimming. This program is available for ages 3 and up. Children are placed in a group class with swimmers the same level.

Acqua Advanced Two

On this program, we continue our swimming journey and learn our next two main strokes, Butterfly and Breaststroke and survival strokes, Side Stroke and Elementary Backstroke. Whether you think of yourself as an athlete, a contender, or simply a person who wants to do better, AcquaAdvanced Two will provide the training you are looking for.
To complete this course, swimmers are required to swim laps of all strokes including Butterfly and Breaststroke, learn elementary backstroke and sidestroke. This program it is also offered as private lessons.
If you want to maximize your well-being, gain endurance, improve your stamina, and sharpen your technique, Acqua Advanced Two is the program for you.

Acqua Life & Style

This is the perfect follow up program for the casual swimmer and anyone
wanting to stay fit and get the benefits of a swimming lifestyle year round. It focuses on retaining and improving previously learned techniques. Classes are offered to students who completed our AcquaPremium, AcquaBubbles, AcquaAdvanced One and AcquaAdvanced Two programs and want to keep sharpening their basic skills until get ready for next level.
Training is 30 minutes, twice a week, and it is available as a group class with 3 to 4 students, and as a private lesson.
Perfect the skills and techniques learned in your last completed program! Stay fit. Get swimming on a regular basis with the Acqua Life & Style program.

Acqua Advanced Expert

This is our advance program for serious swimmers who aim to reach top level. Participants swim for 1hr in a group of 4-10 swimmers perfecting
all the techniques learned in prior programs, and practicing new workout methods that develop their abilities. The training focuses on conditioning and endurance. Classes are 2-3 times a week lead by an Acqua World
swim coach. To join the class must be qualified by an AcquaWorld instructor. Reach top level with the Acqua Advanced Expert program.

Acqua Heroes

This program offers personalized training for swimmers with special needs who desire to learn swimming techniques. It provides individualized care and the specialized personnel necessary so they can enjoy the benefits of swimming in a clean, safe and fun environment.

Acqua Adults

Get fit and learn all swimming skills regardless your age! This program offers you the perfect way to learn and know how important it is swimming in a healthy life style.
Choose a private or a group lesson that fits to your convenience every week. Come to join us and Get Swimming!

Acqua Freestyle

This is the perfect program for those who rather go at it alone. Swim freely whenever you want without an instructor. Train at your own pace with unlimited duration sessions. Get swimming with Acqua Freestyle.